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I’m Melinda Coss. And since you landed here, you probably know that I’m a business coach.


Business coaching, huh? Massaged ego’s, “tried” methods, and the magic of helping you see what was there all along…


No. Nope. Non. Nein.


That’s not how I coach, and it’s not how we’re going to get you to where you want to be to make your goals come alive right now. That I know for certain.


Here’s what else I know for certain, because you’re here:


You are driven, committed and devoted to living a life of value and true impact. A life where success, personal and financial freedom don’t just mutually coexist - they thrive off of one another.


Perhaps what’s standing in between you and the life you’ve always wanted isn’t as external as you’d have me believe. A lousy idea... timing... ‘other’ responsibilities…blah, blah. I’ve heard it all before.


Perhaps it’s simply the fear of failure. Or perhaps it may be that you’ve got your priorities out of sync.


Couple that with no clear roadmap to get you well underway and a non-existent been-there-done-that matriarch to help you cut through the noise en route, and truly, I’m not surprised you’ve been putting it off!


But just look where you are now, my friend.


If you’re looking for a traditional business coach to template their way to starting or growing a business, then I’m not it. If you’re looking for someone to tell you that elbow grease is a myth and you can have everything for nothing - bye bye.


But if you’re searching for a different kind of business coach who will be invested in you, a coach who will dig under the skin and coax up what makes you tick and help you play the big game instead of the small, and help you get clear on your ‘why’, visualise your ‘how’ and gain acclaim as the ultimate go-to in your industry…


Then I cannot wait to meet you.


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Hana Tisserand, the Tisserand Institute

Meeting Melinda in France was one of the best business decisions Robert and I have
ever made! Our brainstorming session was truly transformational. We went to
France knowing we have a solid idea somewhere, but with serious doubts as to
whether we can ever make it into a sustainable operation. Getting out of our office
and into the French countryside was exactly what we needed.
In the space of a few hours spent in a former convent, now cozy boutique hotel, we
not only found a way out of a business dead end, but left with many solid actionable
ideas and a newly found determination. Our investment in the trip paid off many
times over and Melinda’s guidance was (and still is) en pointe!

Heather Urquhart

Wow – what can I say to you - I owe you so much. I’m hugely grateful for all you’ve done for me and my business! The best decision I made was to work with you. Best coach ever! Keep changing women’s lives for the better – you’re amazing at what you do. Love always, Heather.

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Melinda has provided invaluable guidance to us in all areas of our business, from direction of the company to product design. We would not be where we are without her expert assistance. Thanks Melinda!

The Camel Soap Factory was the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2014 winner 


Olga Rumble

“Melinda has incredible business knowledge, and more importantly is able to strategically distill that wisdom into actionable insights. Melinda personally supported, challenged and encouraged me in equal measures allowing me to drive forward the business. I can't recommend her highly enough!”

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Wealth, health, financial freedom, travel and success are all achievable, but for a business to truly reach sustainable growth, the roots of the business must first be grounded in passion, purpose and the right mindset. This nurtures fulfilment, which, when layered with creative, practical solutions, can weather any storm in business.


Ideas are only ideas, without execution. By guiding you through a journey of discovery, self-awareness and personal and professional growth, I keep you accountable, help you execute on your vision, create your most profitable business, grow your impact, and reach your full potential.


Gone are the days where the only path to success is to work in a 9-5 corporate job, climb a ladder, work hard, and help someone else make a lot of money. By helping the next generation of thought-leaders get comfortable with the uncomfortable, I not only help you achieve cut-through, but we’ll also break outside your box, buck the trend, and turn you into a key figure of influence in your industry.

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