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Serial businesswoman, strategist, acclaimed author and end-to-end mindset, business and success coach

With over three decades of business building experience and three six-figure wins in the bag, Melinda Coss is a sought-after speaker, teacher and mentor to gutsy, electric entrepreneurs who are ready to get up close and personal with success.


No stranger to acclaim, Melinda has authored 30-internationally published books, helmed two retail knitwear shops, supplied products to prestigious stores around the world and personally created, built and sold what became the largest handmade soap company in the UK.


But it wasn’t all smiles and roses. Because like any business, the journey is never linear. Melinda knows that better than anyone. And of course, you know that too. It’s why you’re here.


Yet, it’s because of those banana skins along the way that she can do what she does now - mentor high-potential dynamo entrepreneurs, like you, become go-to’s in their industry, with skills and mindset training that are holistic and end-to-end.


The microscope, sure: analysing the day-to-day operations, the processes, the shortcomings and where the quick-wins are to be had - because Melinda has won most of them. But also the telescopic: the long-range strategic thinking, the uncomfortable questions, the perspective-shifting mindset training, and the emotional backing to push you into the successful entrepreneur you were born to become.


Melinda is not your traditional business coach. She’s not going to send you sweet daily quotes of inspiration, massage your ego or tell you the things you want to hear. In fact, she’ll do the complete opposite. 


So get comfortable with the uncomfortable, because your comfort zone’s a great place - but it’s safe. 


And safe doesn’t build empires.

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