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on your own terms
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A twelve week programme to get you absolutely clear on where you should go and how you should get there

When I started my first business, I was a single parent of three kids under two with no formal education - just a list of things I loved to do, and wanted to earn money doing. Did I know how or where to start? Absolutely not.

But since then, I’ve built three, six-figure businesses. Businesses that were born from my hunger to prove to myself and everyone around me that I could follow my dreams and provide for my family on my own terms.


Now, I’m riding the elevator back down to help others who feel that same fire in their belly move up, passing all the unnecessary floors along the way.

Why you need this:


Because if left to your own devices, you might never get started - or even worse, you’ll make waves in the wrong direction. You have a business idea or life plan so ripe with opportunity, you simply can’t wait another day - but you need the foundational help and the motivation to make it happen right now.

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Money? Travel? Success? Respect?
You can have it all. The only thing holding you back is you.

“I can help anyone who has true commitment create a business they will love and succeed in. But before I can do that, we need to understand and remedy the elements in your life that have stopped you from doing this yourself.”


£350 a month for 3 months, or a reduced one-off payment of £900.

Places for the next run of this program are strictly limited. This program gets booked up fast (and I mean hot potato fast), so please avoid disappointment and book now.

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