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Homemade Skin Care

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Mindset Magic


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • 'Your Money Story' written homework assignment

  • 'Defining What you Really Want' - PDF

  • Reading list - PDF

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • 'Defining Your Ideal Client' - PDF

  • 'Time Management' - PDF

How to Create A Brilliant Brand


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • 'Recorded interview with Liz Dalton - Director of Strada Creative Agency.

  • 'Branding for Success' - PDF

  • 'Designer Brief' - PDF

  • List of recommended suppliers - PDF

Range Creation


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • Recorded interview with Lorraine Dallmeier, Director of Formula Botanica and special offer for course participants

  • Recorded interview with Karen Gilbert on fragrance

  • Written homework assignment - PDF

Getting it Made


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • Recorded interview with Giles Bovill of Inovia International – key contract manufacturer and bulk supplier of essential oils.

  • Manufacturer’s brief - PDF

Compliance Matters


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • Recorded interview with Joanne Priestly  a Chartered Biologist and Pharmacological researcher working with Scott Grainger at  cosmeticsafety

  • List of resources - PDF

  • Assessment submission form - PDF

Costing Your Products and Other Money Matters


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • Custom Built Excel costing and time and motion spreadsheet

  • Costing homework assignment

Finding Your Route To Market


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • Recorded interview with Helen Jarvis, formerly a Senior Toiletries Buyer at Sainsbury’s, Safeway and Superdrug

  • Recorded interview with Rachel Whittaker on Distribution

Creating A Social Media Campaign


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • Recorded lesson on using Instagram with Jackie Elton

  • Recorded interview with Cadi Jordan on Social Media Strategy

  • Social Media Tools, Tricks and Tips -PDF

Creating Your Website and Building Your Mailing List


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • 'Website and Sales Pitch' - PDF

  • Resources list

Cashflow and Long Term Strategy


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • Custom built Excel cashflow spreadsheet to help you plot your sales

  • Business Plan Template (written homework assignment) - Interactive PDF

Finding Investment


  • Live Webinar with Q&A

  • Recorded interview with an Angel network expert

  • Elevator pitch homework assignment - PDF

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