VIP 1-1 fast track coaching package

Some have said I’m not the traditional business coach, and they’re right.


For one, I don’t keep things sweet and flowery. I don’t sell my clients  strategies for success that are generic or stock-standard. And I don’t take a backseat approach to making their dreams of success a reality.


Those that have said I’m not the traditional business coach are the outrageous thinkers who have worked with me. And they’re the ones who are currently running empires.


Is it your turn now?

Who this is for:


Game-changing, ambitious founders with colossal vision, pursuing the fast lane to professional, personal and financial fortune. Those who need a mentor who doesn’t only get them into gear, but challenges their ideas and holds them accountable at every step.

Why you need this:

I’ve been where you are. And had I had someone to walk with: arm-in-arm, shoulder-to-shoulder through the highs, lows and catch-22’s, success would have been a lot more linear. The most invaluable asset in business is not funding, nor passion, nor innovation - it’s the right mentorship. Someone to give you perspective, champion you, keep you focused - and most importantly, chase away the demons holding you back.

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What’s the one thing you crave the most - a business with limitless possibilities?
In that case, what the hell are you waiting for?
For those founders that would prefer ongoing coaching, once you’ve bedded down your strategies, I also offer one-hour Skype consultations per month.

Helen Jarvis

“ I have 15+ years of senior retail buying experience behind me and Melinda helped me see how I could use this to start my own consultancy business. With some serious advice and a bit of a kick from Melinda I’m now a year in to my consultancy work and loving every minute of it! She has the ability to see opportunities that you didn’t see – and her unwavering certainty in the fact that anyone can achieve anything if they believe in themselves and work hard enough is seriously contagious!”

Marie Paddington-Chivers

“Melinda’s insight and understanding of what made me tick alongside her ability to see something in me that I had yet to see in myself is truly extraordinary. She challenged me to continuously push myself and our sessions have always thought provoking, inspirational with many “aha!” moments. If you are serious about getting your business on track to success then I highly recommend you work with Melinda.”

Nicole Anhalt

“I still remember the beginning of our very first Skype session, Melinda said: “Nicole, why don’t you launch your own line of grooming products for horses?” Horses have been my life-long passion and this idea was probably right before my eyes. Melinda took me through all the necessary steps of product creation, branding, social media strategies, cash flow and sales estimates, who to work with, defining my ideal customer and so much more. This program has been a life saver and working with Melinda has been absolutely invaluable. ”

Heather Urquhart

Wow – what can I say to you - I owe you so much. I’m hugely grateful for all you’ve done for me and my business! The best decision I made was to work with you. Best coach ever! Keep changing women’s lives for the better – you’re amazing at what you do. Love always, Heather.

Melinda has provided invaluable guidance to us in all areas of our business, from direction of the company to product design. We would not be where we are without her expert assistance. Thanks Melinda!

The Camel Soap Factory was the Gulf Capital SME Awards 2014 winner 

I came to Melinda with essentially an idea that I needed guidance on to turn into a real business and thats exactly what I got. Never having worked in the industry, nor having any contacts within it,  meant that I was operating in a little bubble. Melinda helped me to focus on my goals, define my brand and guided me in how to scale my business. Her vast experience, contacts and her overall energy for supporting small businesses has made the entire program priceless for me!



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