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Behind any great business is a founder with a purpose, and a plan.


Let’s find your purpose, and put together your plan.

On Your Own Terms

A 12-week program designed for an intimate group of go-getters who are ready to reinvent themselves, kick the status quo out the window, and live a life on their own terms.

You have the drive. You are committed. You even have the crazy, big ideas. But the roadblock? You have no idea of the “how”. Whether you’re ready to make your dream of starting a business a reality, turn your passion project into a thriving and profitable venture, or reshape your current pursuit into one that is more aligned with what you want out of life - this program is for you.


Get ready to learn:

The hard business skills, the mental make-up and the tangible success strategies that are going to get you on a one-way seat to your own sovereignty.

Strictly limited numbers.


1:1 Strategy With Melinda

Want to reach the top and keep on climbing, fast? During ten hours of  one-to-one coaching with Melinda, (3 x 2 hour and 4 x 1 hour sessions) you’re going to get clear on your product, your pricing strategy and your game plan for serious skyrocket growth.

1:1 Strategy with Melinda is for founders who need granularity at the grittiest level.
They’ve got big plans; content, happy, settled and sorted aren’t words that sit with what they see for themselves. Instead, the move more to the beat of a drum that rumbles on exponential growth, profit, esteem and acclaim.


Get ready to learn:



Laser sharp focus on every aspect of your business to surpass
your goals, no matter the height. The more unbounded, the better. Melinda will give you the clarity, tools and support that only someone who wants you to wildly succeed (and has wildly succeeded herself) can.
This program isn’t for everyone. But if your skin is prickling right now - it is for you.

Meet Me Somewhere Gorgeous

Four hours with Melinda, a beautiful city and a gorgeous lunch equals serious business ingenuity opportunity.

Out of your home city and out of your comfort zone is just where Melinda wants you in order to find clarity on what you want to achieve and the fastest, most enjoyable route to get you there. Retreat with her in London, Paris, Sydney, Lisbon or southwest France for a deep-dive into your calling, and an opportunity to find lucidity even in your most impenetrable fears.

Get ready to learn:

How to take something that’s merely sitting pretty up into the
stratosphere, and total clarity and cut-through on those burning actions or mindset blockers that are holding you back from this.

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